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Spare parts

Keyboard shelf for SolutionLine control panel

In addition to the standard operating panel of the solution line control panel on INDEX machines, INDEX provides a shelf for an additional PC keyboard, which makes the programming of NC codes directly on the machine so much easier.
You can order the keyboard shelf from INDEX under the item number 10770070 and install it at the control unit of the machine without any further modifications.

Seal sets for tool carriers

Replacement of wear parts such as seals ensures the reliability of your machine. Specifically for the tool carrier, the interface between the machine and the tool, INDEX TRAUB offers predefined seal sets.

Devices for geometry adjustment


One of the most important prerequisites for manufacturing complex and high-quality workpieces is the geometrical accuracy of the machine.
To set this, machine-specific devices are needed. You can find an overview of the immediately available devices in our flyer.
Training courses for maintenance and service can be found on our homepage in the area of service and accessories.



Zokker - the pin puller

Compact pin puller set (M3 to M10) for effortless pulling of cylindrical and tapered pins, gibs, etc.
Product ID: 10830106