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Ideally equipped for the digitization of your production environment

  • iX4.0 is the  INDEX IoT platform  that allows you to integrate all of your production machines into the digital world.
  • The iX4.0 apps allow you to make wide-ranging improvements in the following areas:

Connectivity – connecting your entire machine fleet in a cloud lies at the heart of Industry 4.0 solutions.
iX4.0 is the INDEX IoT platform that allows you to integrate all of your production machines into the digital world.

  • Connectivity with INDEX/TRAUB machines and machines from other suppliers
  • Compliance with standards such as OPC UA, umati and MQTT
  • Per the recommodation of the Federal Office for Information Security, the iX4.0 platform uses encrypted data transmission with a minimum key lenght of 192 bits
  • Secure data storage in the SAP cloud based in Europe
  • Full transparency of the  required data

iX4.0 Go - Giving you an easy way to get started

  • All new machines are connected to the iX4.0 platform
  • All applications are free of charge for twelve months 
  • Free support from our team during the start phase
  • Existing or third-party machines can easily and cost effectively be connected with hardware retrofits
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iX4.0 Basic - The basis for the digitization of your production

What happens after the free trial period?

  • Connect your machine to the iX4.0 IoT platform
  • PUSH notifications for important events on your machine
  • Basic machine data and production data acquisition analyses
  • Documentation and spare parts lists online

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